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James Perryman is one of the most professional attorneys performing top-level service I’ve had the opportunity to work with. His knowledge, professionalism and ability to go above and beyond is what sets him apart. In a recent transaction that was extremely complex, James took a proactive role in the resolution with incredible attention to detail. I highly recommend James as someone who can accomplish the task set before him with a successful outcome.

Mary Ann N.PresidentStewart Title of Oklahoma, Inc.

James Perryman was invaluable to me during a time of great change and transition. After I learned that I needed to move locations for my career in a short period of time, I was overwhelmed by the number of things that were involved with trying to sell my home and move to a different state. James walked me through the process of what was involved, informed me of the items that I would be responsible for, and patiently answered each and every question that I presented to him. He was available when needed, quick to respond, and even answered additional questions once the process was completed. With all the other stressors of relocating, James helped alleviate the anxiety of selling my home with patience, grace, and extensive knowledge base of the legal aspects involved. I truly could not have sold my house and completed the legal paperwork needed in such a timely manner, and with ease, had it not been for him.

Bobbie Jo M.FNP-C

It is my privilege to recommend James Perryman, Attorney at Law. Mr. Perryman represented me in a civil suit which dragged on for more than a year simply because the defendant was elusive in an attempt to “wear me down”. Mr. Perryman advised me on each step in the legal process, explaining in terms I could understand. He was always available to speak with me, was honest about the merits of my case, and was very transparent about the costs associated with his representation. I found him to be knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Did I prevail? Not to the extent I was requesting, but the moral victory was far greater than any monetary sum, and I have James Perryman to thank for that.

Nancy H.

It has been my privilege to know (James, Jim, Jimmy) for about eight years now in both social and professional settings. I have found him to be a man of high principles and impeccable character in a profession where such attributes sometimes seem in short supply. I can heartily recommend him as a person just on the basis of his integrity.

I can also recommend him as an advocate because I have found him to be intelligent, articulate and thoughtful. I have benefitted from sound advice that bespeaks wisdom beyond his years, and have found him to be a man who listens well before forming opinions. Such characteristics enable me to enthusiastically endorse Jim as a great choice for anyone in need of an attorney.

Michael H.