Oil & Gas

Protect Yourself & Maximize Profits from Your Oil, Gas, and Mineral Rights

If you have been notified that there is natural gas, oil, or minerals located beneath your property, you may be able to secure some significant profits if handled properly. In most cases, a major mining or drilling company will contact you with an offer to pay you for the rights to access these resources. Thanks to modern techniques, this can often be done with fairly little interruption to your normal use of your land.

In order to maximize the amount of money you will receive and ensure your rights are protected, you will want to make sure the contract is written with your interests in mind. Our attorneys have represented many property owners with a wide-range of different resources. We’ll not only help negotiate the best deal for the use of your land, but we’ll be at your side should any unexpected problems occur in the future.

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Never try to negotiate with major mining or drilling companies on your own. They have massive legal teams who will do everything possible to ensure their company gives up as little as possible to access the natural gas, oil, or other minerals you own. Our firm will push to ensure you get everything you are entitled to and that your rights are protected long into the future. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and get the help you need.