Municipal Law

Keeping Your City or Town Running Smoothly

The average person living in your city or town likely has no idea how many laws and regulations are in place regarding how the municipality has to run. If you are on a city council or other governing body, you need to make sure your city or town has the legal representation it needs to operate smoothly. Here at Perryman & Perryman, LLP, we can represent your municipality so you can focus on serving its citizens better.

We can help you when dealing with local ordinances, state laws, and federal regulations. This includes representing your city or town if you are being sued, or even taking legal action against other parties or municipalities. We have experience helping to ensure you are in compliance with things like the:

  • Open Records Act
  • Open Meetings Act
  • Bidding Procedures
  • Police Officer Issues
  • Code Enforcement and Compliance
  • Employee Issues
  • Much More
Let’s Discuss Your Needs

If your city or town needs legal help, we would be glad to meet with you right away. We can provide you with one-time representation when working on a specific issue, or ongoing legal services as they are needed. Please contact Perryman & Perryman, LLP, to set up a consultation and discuss your specific needs.