4 Signs Your Dispute Is Headed for the Courtroom

While going through life, it is inevitable that you will run into conflict with other people. It is just part of life, and most of the time the disputes can be worked out quickly between the parties. There are times, however, when there is an issue such as a personal injury, breach of contract, or other civil issues, where you just can’t seem to make any headway in resolving the problem. Ideally, these situations can be resolved through discussion or mediation, but there are times when the courts need to get involved. The following are some signs that your dispute may be headed for the courtroom.

The Other Party Won’t Communicate

As immature as it may seem, some people simply refuse to communicate when they have a dispute with another party. If you believe you have been seriously wronged by another party, and they aren’t even willing to talk about it, you may need to get the courts involved. The courts can force the other party to face the situation, and if they still won’t talk, then you will certainly win your case!

There Is No Compromise

If you are talking with the other party, but they refuse to budge even a little bit from their position, it can be difficult to make any headway toward a conclusion. In almost all civil disputes, neither party is going to get everything that they want, which is why compromise is so important. If you’ve tried everything to come to an agreement, but they stubbornly hold to their unreasonable position, it is time to let the courts force the compromise upon them.

They Are Just Looking for Ammunition

When talking with another party that you are having a dispute with, you can often tell when they have stopped working toward a solution and began fishing for ammunition. They may be trying to gather information to strengthen their case, or to get you to lash out or say something that will make you look bad in court. When this is the situation, it is often better to just take a step back and speak with an attorney who can help guide you through the rest of this process.

They’ve Hired an Attorney

While having an attorney present can be very important when dealing with disputes, many people won’t bring a lawyer into a dispute until they are ready to go through the courts. If the other party has retained an attorney and is demanding all communications go through them, you can bet that they have, or are about to, file with the courts. When this is the situation, it is best to prepare yourself as well. Never hesitate to contact us to go over your situation and get advice on how to best proceed. If you do end up in court, we will be there at your side fighting for your rights.

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